October 22, 2013

Derray “Mr. Newz” Ward

  Derray Ward, born July 25th, 1988, better known by his stage name MrNewz, is a rapper/song writer. Ward was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started writing poetry in grade school. Later he decided to try something new, turning one of his poems into a rap song. He quickly grew attached. Regardless of the genre he always loved music from: Blues to Jazz to Rock. He started writing music at the age of 12 but only for the fun of it. He started off “freestyling” at local parties and at school during passing time. He would rap about anything you pointed to or called out. People grew to like him very much. They started asking him when was he going to record a cd or if he was going to become a rapper.

Mr. Newz


He brushed off the questions without thinking about them. Then one day he thought to himself, hey why not! With the lacking of money and materials, he could not afford studio time. So he asked his teacher to borrow a tape recorder. That’s where it all began! He would stay up all night and record tapes full of songs. Although the recorder didn’t offer good sound quality or professionalism, it did not lack lyrics and talent. He would record multiple tapes and pass them out to his peers. They couldn’t get enough. They would ask for more music and challenged him to make songs about many different topics. And he would do just that. That’s when he realized he wanted to make music for a living. In 12th grade challenged himself to join the talent show. He and a fellow classmate remixed 50cent and Game’s “How We Do”. In Derray’s verse he incorporated school related information. Such as things he learned in Trigonometry, Chemistry; etc…. Not only did he overcome the challenge of performing for the first time, he impressed his peers and teachers.