November 22, 2011

DJ Enferno

Hottest DJ to hit the twin cities is formally known as the one and only Dante ‘DJ Enferno’ Coleman. With seven years in the game, DJ Enferno started with a move to the Twin Cites from Milwaukee WI. He began right in the heart of the twin cities, perfecting his craft, throwing parties, attracting a college crowd & eventually was booked for, clubs, concert & private events. With the support of MN entertainment scene he was able to create “Dj Enferno of ATG” into a respected brand.

As the prime member of ATG DJ’s, ‘Ahead of the Game’ DJ crew Enferno was a key factor in starting the groups progression in entertain market of twin cities and putting Minnesota on the map for entertainment and night life. The collective group has received high praise for their efforts. Enferno states that, ‘It has treaded the way for new DJ’s and promoters in Minneapolis.’ Enferno hopes to continue to break new music and continue to groove their ‘ATG’ into a nation entity.

Enferno considers himself a tech-head and this has led him into becoming a “monster cable DJ” He believes that he can help get the word out about the quality of music and skills to make it, to an even young and old generations. He of course also continues to feel the turntables and updating equipment, mobile gigs you’ll catch him using Pioneer CDJ 2000’s with a Rane TTM 57 Mixer, MacBook Pro with Serato SL, and uses either Beat Pros or Original Beats By Dre.  Yes, he’s a true music-tech-head.

Enferno is not only locally known but has DJ’ed in several places across the nation where he was recognized for his enthusiasm and hard work from Miami to California, and all over the Midwest. Coleman’s DJ history revolved from DJ’ing in Mazatlan (Mexico) for spring break, helping start ATG, teaching a DJ lessons at public schools, (inspired DJ Enferno to continue on his passion and accomplish his dreams of creating an ATG Scholarship for High School) wining Minnesota Dj of the Year last two consecutive years, being asked to be a part of Hittmenn DJ’s, DJ-ing in LA for B.E.T award weekend, DJ-ing at the King Of Diamonds in Miami and so much more.

Over all he hopes to become internationally recognized for his accomplishments aspirations and skills and hopes open the doors for other sections of ATG to prevail.

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