November 29, 2011

Abdul “BooBooATG” Kunert

Abdul Kunert Also known as BooBoo was born and raised in locally here in St Paul Minnesota. He came from a family of 7, where keeping enough food on the table was an everyday mission for his father. As a child BooBoo had dreams of one day becoming a multi million dollar business man. He kept himself occupied by staying active in sports such as basketball and boxing. By age 15 BooBoo was already showing signs of sucess working a part time job and maintaining a high school GPA of 4.0. Making his way to Nationals in the Silver Gloves Boxing Tournament. As time passed BooBoos idea of fun moved from sports to Riding motorcycles and making money. At Age 16 he was working two jobs and paving the way to his life long goal of living the American Dream.

With dreams and aspiration of becoming a successful entrepreneur, BooBoo never let up as he finished high school and earned full academic scholarship to the University of Minnesota where he is currently finishing up a double major for Business and Marketing and Human Resources and Development. As he networked and finished up his college degree BooBoo continued to find ways to start a career as a entrepreneur. In 2010 BooBoo along with Hassan “Chevy” Mohamed and Dante “Enferno” Coleman founded ATG Ent. With hopes of becoming the most successful marketing and entertainment company in the Midwest BooBoo along with ATG co-founders entered the Minnesota market showing clear signs of success.

Hosting events which include Travis Porter, Yo Gotti, Dwayne Wade, Minnesota Vikings, Big Sean and more have resulted in explosive growth over the past year. Boo-Boo’s formula for success has been a combination of creating partnerships with both domestic and worldwide networks, and social media marketing tools to create awareness for the target market. Over the last 5 years BooBoo has been involved in more than 100 local events ranging from concerts/parties to non profit fund raisers.

As a marketing partner, BooBoo provides end-to-end creative services from business and marketing planning, to integrating creative solutions and plans. BooBoo’s belief is to approach all opportunities from a realistic perspective and pursue goals with a point-of-relevance mindset. BooBoo along with the rest of the ATG staff, partner with clients on everything from strategy, to concept
and execution. BooBoo’s commitment to and effective and  creative marketing has won him, his team and his partners great amounts of success in the Midwest Entertainment Market.